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King Edward VI Education Trust


The Trust

The King Edward VI Education Trust is a Multi Academy Trust and has DfE approval to act as a sponsor for both primary and secondary schools. The goal of the Trust is to work in a collaborative partnership with other schools to help:


    - Provide support and guidance to schools to help fill the gap created by the

       withdrawal of CfBT and the continued contraction of the Local Authority.


    - Support all Trust schools on their journey towards Outstanding.


    - Spread best practice in Teaching, Learning and Professional Development.


    - Promote deep sustainable change to embed a culture of learning for staff,    

       pupils and parents.


    - Work to promote enrichment and wider opportunities for children in the

       Louth and Wolds area.


    - Work with partner schools to provide strategic and operational financial





What we believe


  - Education should be a collaborative not a competitive experience.


  - Louth schools should work together to prevent external Multi Academy Trusts or other companies

    taking over education in Louth.


  - Trust Schools must retain their individuality and control of their admissions.


  - Trust Schools should retain their Local Governing Body.


  - The Trust should keep its functions and central costs to the minimum necesssary to support its schools.



Trust Organisation.


 - The Trust is run by a Board of Trustees representing:


              - King Edward VI Grammar School

              - The King Edward VI and Almshouse Charity [The Foundation]

              - St James' Church/Lincolnshire Dioceasan

              - CfBT

              - Lincolnshire County Council

              - A Headteacher representing secondary Trust schools

              - A Headteacher representing primary Trust schools

              - A Chair of Governors representing secondary Trust schools

              - A Chair of Governors representing primary Trust schools







-  The Trust's core functions are:


             -  Strategic Development Planning and Self Evaluation


             -  School to School Improvement Services


             -  School wide Enrichment Coordination


             -  Site Development Planning and Site Support including IT support


             -  Strategic Financial Planning and Budget Monitoring


             -  Operational Financial Support for Budget Planning and Financial Control.


             -  Central HR, and Payroll support, advice and systems.








Core Functions

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