Joining The Trust

Focused on Achievement and Enrichment

The King Edward VI Education Trust is a collaborative group of partners who are joining together to help support education and enrichment in Louth and the surrounding villages.


Option A:  Academy Conversion


Some schools will already be an Academy or will be happy to convert to Academy status and formally join the Trust as a key partner in the Multi-Academy Trust.


The Trust will coordinate and organise the conversion process for non-academy schools including all legal matters and liasion with the DfE and LCC.


Option B: Memorandum of Understanding


Some schools will not want to convert at this stage but may still want to work with the Trust.  In this case non-academy schools - especially Primary Schools - can still access the Trust by working under a Memorandum of Understanding.  


For these schools the Trust will work with the Governing body of the school, LEA and/or Diocesan to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding specifying the services required.


Option C: Sponsor Academies


The Trust has been approved by the DfE to sponsor both Primary and Secondary schools that find themselves in an OFSTED category: either Requires Improvement or those in Special Measures.  


The DfE will normally recommend this route to those schools and broker discussions between The Trust, DfE and the Governing Body.




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