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A History of Collaboration

"There are some who see radical changes as departure from tradition, but I do not think this is so.  The tradition of ancient institutions such as King Edward's is the willingness and ability to change and to adapt to the needs

of the societies they were set up to serve" 


Donald Witney Headmaster of King Edward VI Grammar School 1958-1981


Short History


King Edward VI Grammar School was refounded in 1551 by King Edward VI but can trace its roots back much further than this to around the times of the 13th century.   The school is indeed an ancient foundation and over this time  it is has flexed to the needs and context of the society it has served. In the modern post war era collaboration, be that formal or informal, has been a central part of this story.


The history of the school is a rich and colourful one.  A school that initially offered education from the age of seven; then became a traditional grammar school offering boarding to a community stretching out across the whole of Lincolnshire;  a fee paying independent school; a state boarding school; a 14-18 boarding school, and then since 1997 back to being an 11-18 school.  During these different periods successive Headmaster's have worked in collaboration with others in the town and Wolds area.  In the 1950's when there were four secondary schools in the town it was Hedley Warr who led the merger of the girls and boys grammar school whilst laying some of the  collaborative foundations that enabled Donald Witney to become the architect of the Louth Plan.


Collaboration and The Louth Plan


The period of the Louth Plan from 1964 to 1994-7 saw an intense period of collaboration between the secondary schools in the town with collaborative meetings at all levels across the schools.  It included joint working parties, departmental training meetings and other planning activities.  Through a gentleman's agreement the Heads of the town had created a system of secondary education that would sustain the schools through a period of tightening demographics and financial constraints.   However as time progressed personalities and the national picture changed and this eroded the previous good natured collaboration, increasing the level of competition between the schools.   The inevitable outcome was the shattering of a 30 year period of collaboration that saw in a period of intense rivalry.


Collaboration again


Fortunately as time progressed collaboration re-emerged through the Specialist schools project and shared working around Science, Mathematics and Modern Foreign Lanugages.  This provided a vehicle for the forging of stronger parternships across the three schools and also with the Louth and Wolds primary schools.  In addition to this elements of the Louth Plan remained with some joint courses run in the Sixth Form.  


The Future


Since 2012 King Edward VI has sought to increase collaboration across the schools in and around Louth and has engaged in a massive primary collaboration programme that has seen well over 2000 primary school pupils engage in a variety of sporting and enrichment events.  In addition the school now provides support for Year 5/6 pupils in English and Mathematics helping to prepare pupils for SATs and the Level 6 papers.   Furthermore the school also provides Modern Foreign Language support to various primary schools.  Future plans include the development of a Primary School Music Hub in conjunction with St James' Church.


In addition the school has provided School to School Improvement with both primary and secondary schools helping to support RI schools move to Good with Outstanding Features and assisting others with Curriculum, Financial, Leadership and Management support.   Today the school is a founding member of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership [LLP].  The LLP has been designed by and created by Headteachers of Academy, Primary and Secondary schools who want to work collaboratively across Lincolnshire to help support school to school improvement.  The King Edward VI Education Trust has these collaborative values at its core.


"King Edward VI Grammar School was founded to serve the community; it will now be able to serve it more effectively"


Hedley Warr, Headmaster from 1941-1957

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